Top 10 Habits to Stop Doing Now

bad habits

Knowing the bad habits to avoid is often times more important than knowing the good habits to acquire. The reason is pretty simple. Avoiding bad habits allows you to acquire good habits. Here are ten common habits that we should all avoid. Not surprisingly, they are all time wasting habits. Take your time though. Rushing and scrambling is […]

Why you Shouldn’t Have Faith in Your Doctor


Before controversy erupts, I’ve made use of my words about doctors wisely. “Faith” means a belief, often one without any evidence or support. Now, just like everyone else, I would love to go to a doctor’s office and trust his judgement on my medical assessment. Unfortunately, mainstream medical literature and pharmaceutical influence in health make […]

The Truth About Red Meat

Red Meat

For the last twenty years or so, red meat has been demonized for everything from heart disease to obesity to cancer. The media loves red meat. Red meat is usually in headlines on gout, colon cancer or any other detrimental illness. Unfortunately, it’s all just cheap, unscientific muckraking crap. There is really no evidence that red meat […]

What’s Your Life Blueprint?


You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. Michael Dell A blueprint is really important in building a house because people know where to start. When starting anything in life, it’s good to know where to start […]

Why Memorizing is Counterproductive


“Never memorize something you can look up” – Albert Einstein Albert Einstein said it best. First off, our brain isn’t a hard drive for memory storage like a hard drive. It’s not a chest that we can store antiques in to take out in the future. Memory works with reoccurring thoughts and patterns first, useless […]

Two NYPD Cops Shot in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn


Two NYPD cops sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn were shot at point-blank range and killed on Saturday afternoon by a man who, reports said traveled to the city from Baltimore vowing to kill cops. The suspect then killed himself with the same gun, according to authorities. The NYPD cops, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were in the car […]

Death by Industrial Seed Oils

seed oils

Industrial seed oils have been introduced as a healthy alternative to traditional cooking fats like ghee, lard, tallow, duck fat and coconut oil. Soybean oil, canola oil and corn oil are now dominant cooking fats for consumers and restaurants alike. It’s pretty easy to understand where animal fat and butter comes from, but where do […]

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Stage Demo

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Stage Demo

So Street Fighter V has been announced and now it’s time to play. Being part of the fighting game community back in the days, this news is still somewhat relevant to some of my friends. The two players in this video are actually acquaintances of mine. The main point is that the announcement and game […]

Why Nutrabio is the Supplement King


Nutrabio is not a new supplement company, but it’s not too well known either. Think of Nutrabio as a mom and pops supplement company. Here are my top three reasons that rank Nutrabio number one for me. Quality Nutrabio has kept the quality of their products consistent. Small ambitious startups usually start with great quality, […]

Why Being Quick is Slowing you Down


Wallet smashing is the term me and my close circle of colleagues use to describe an action executed with poor prep or a behavior executed haphazardly. The term came from watching a friend of mine smash the bills into his wallet in order to be “quick”. Scrambling JUST to be Quick Now I know not […]