Are Cell Phones Dangerous to our Health?

cell phone

For a while now, people have been worried about the long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. There’s even been a buzz about brain cancer and the likes. Should you be concerned? Twenty years ago, cell phones were still a rare, ugly accessory with terrible service and a bulky body. Now, 90% of American adults […]

Three Reasons why Health Resolutions Fail


Not Enough information/The Wrong Information This one is easily the first one that throws everyone off. Not everyone comes across the same information and there’s a lot of it out there. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves committing to the wrong bit of information. Just look how terribly the low calorie thing went. […]

Online Dating vs Real Life Meeting

Online Dating

Lets be honest. Everyone’s been curious about online dating, even if they’re never done it. Online dating has a shakey reputation, yet there are so many people are using online dating sites. In fact, online dating is on the rise. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of both online and in going […]

Exxxotica Dallas 2015: Fun & Friendly

exxxotica dallas

EXXXOTICA is just finishing up its first show in Dallas, Texas and what an event it was! Those of you who have never visited an EXXXOTICA convention, here’s a little background to fill in the details. The Exxxotica Expo is an adult entertainment convention. Now this isn’t some sleezy swingers convention. In fact, nudity isn’t […]

How to be Attractive and why it’s a MUST


I always say “there’s no excuse for not being attractive”, or at least not trying to be as attractive as possible. Does that mean go out and get plastic surgery? Not plastic surgery, but maybe another form of surgery. Attraction comes in two forms. Physical and mental attraction. There is a very important, but often […]

The Most Critical Part of Your Workout Can Double Results


If you’ve ever heard of Preto’s Law, the 80/20 principle, then you know exercise is no exemption it. There are tons of different exercises out there. There are actually more exercises than actual muscle groups. Research has shown that resistance training is the most effective method of exercising. The reason is because our muscles adapt […]

Preventing & Reversing Autoimmune Disease

Virus in blood - Scanning Electron Microscopy stylised

There are a ton of different types of autoimmune diseases. In fact, over a hundred have been identified, affecting nearly every organ system and tissue in the body. The numbers of cases developing has been growing over the years. There’s no sign of this trend slowing down. The rise of autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel […]

How to Prevent or Reverse Neurodegenerative Disease


I find myself completely baffled by how people believe neurodegenerate disease is a normal part of again. It’s like “hey Bob, how’s old man Willy doing?” and you get hit with “Ah, old man Willy…..Poor guy. He’s come down with Parkinson disease. I can hardly understand him. You know how it is, he’s getting old”. […]

South Carolina Finally Pulls the Confederate Flag


The bill has passed to take down the confederate flag in South Carolina. Some see it as a symbol of our history, some feel like its a racist reminder. Now it’ll be gone and everyone is happy I guess. No more shootings will happen. Right? I mean, was that their logic? “The shooter,  Dylann Roof […]

Top 5 Super Foods you Don’t Know About

Super Foods

Bacon Bacon is the number one super food because it’s a breakfast favorite already. EVERYONE loves bacon and the only reason someone would avoid it is because they’re afraid its unhealthy. Ironically, after years of being on the top 5 deadliest foods list the evidence is now overwhelming in its favor. The war on saturated fat is […]